accessories :)

vintage floral bangle, vintage necklace and chunky rings

im really not a fan of chunky rings ,necklace and all but reading several blogs encouraged me to accessorize a bit ;)

long last i have been eyeing for accessories nowadays and the 1st batch just arrived
i ordered it from a friend :)

and look these are the cute stuffs ;)

rings with damask background from f21 and h&m ;)

cute floral wallets from my mom perfect give away this Christmas

looking forward for another batch of accessories i ordered :)
if interested you can order at this site just pm tatum

affordable branded accessories

happy weekend

floral chunky and vanity
my 1st post for my happy week end edition
all about accessories /vintage and floral

pictures from church after hearing a mass at monastery of transfiguration :)

happy sunday everyone :)


white christmas

I'm dreaming of a white christmas,
just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
to hear sleigh bells in the snow -famous song of all time by Bing Crosby

this year's theme for christamas is white / silver
it is clean ,dainty and elegant :)

my inlaws decided that ill be the one who will decorate the christmas tree for this year and yes i really enjoyed it a lot from scratch to fab ! of course love your own

here are some of my inspiration

AND THESE are photo's from in law's house
im the in charge in decorating it white ang light ! with a vintage feel

20 year old antique watch @ the wall

white inspired x mas tree (not yet done decorating it :)

25 year old antique chandelier from Saudi Arabia

center piece silver balls :)

mirror mirror on the wall

mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all - famous line from the epic snow white story :)

since then mirror's are always on top of my list
specially the vintage one with bronze/silver or gold finished
it is merely the reflection of your beauty and mostly the beauty of your soul.

on our future house truly ill include mirrors as one of our theme next to Martha Stewart floral's :0

vintage mirrors will be next on my list of collections :)

here are some of the photo's from pinterpress

cute collection of mirror on the wall

mirror collection on the stairs :) might consider this one for the future house

vintage mirror on the walking closet is a must have ! see how lavish this walking closet is :0 lalalalaloveeee

on the verge of my love for mirrors this became as my give aways during my wedding :)

we have prepared 3 colors brass,bronze,gold :)

at our house while preparing the give -aways for my wedding :)


more to my collection :) wish wish


floral + vinatge = love

its a similar picture during our prenup ) inloooooveeee
Roses are red
violets are blue,
You know
I've got my eyes on you!

lately i have been hooked with floral and vintage ones.
they just gave me some giddy-hippy feeling that just
makes me happy

teacups,mugs,accessories and everything under the sun

floral craze starts now !

cutite patotie coin purse :)

vintage accessories with a twist of floral accents are classic
*owl are one of my fave's
*nude-l hue's are so pleasing to the eyes

look how cute these rings are :)

reminds me of priceless coffee moments with the one i love

*sharing endless stories !

see love this floral dress

for more photo's
this blog is a sucker for florals and vintage
check em out

photo credits :

soon ill share my own floral and vinatge finds :)



chewy creamy chantilly bars

to taste is to believe :)

im a sucker for sweets and desserts
it will instantly make me sane from stress

and lately i have been hooked with Chantilly bars
its a homemade one from LUVIC D.

its mouth watering chocolate Chantilly
with a taste of oats surely you will love :)

see just perfect not too sweet ! yumm 100%
one of the best way to reward yourself
after a long day from work ;0

for orders ill pm u LUVIC's no.
applicable in malaybalay city buyers only
once u pop u just cant stop
supper yummy :)

for only a 130 (12pcs) ull get to taste a bit of heaven here on earth