its a boy :)

last may 2, 2012 i visited my ob at 19 weeks and 3days and guess what IM HAVING a baby boy , i just couldn't help but skip a heart beat that everything is well of my preggo state. the family are much more excited of it and specially husband dear is so happy :) cant wait.
@ 20 weeks (5months) with frnds beng and mia at viggo 2nd bday :) i started conceptualizing everything i want fro his things and i was browsing through dwellstudio.com and they have cute finds , and drooling through carters and gerbers onesies and cant wait to be MOM soon.
so here's some cute stuffs online :) for my baby boy cribs,baby bags :) haven to me
and more baby stuffs to come ;) ill share it to you guys ;)

cute funky finds :)

been eyeing for vintage collectible accessories though now im not so into maybe because of this hormones of a preggo. i like tarnish gold vintage pieces with gems ;) so let me share to you a few of my purchases :)
i ordered these at highway 41 store through tatum cudal :) i like the quality of it and its not that pricey
and here's my favorite gem ring of all :0 :)