jaded with braids

on my recent finds i came across with this braided necklace from
extreme finds a pinoy brand truly you'll adore.
they have unique variety of accessories made by pinoy that we should
support and be proud of ;)

on a roadtrip ;) taking some vanity photo's

my friend donna with same braided design :)

here some of their fab stuffs :)

there's a lot of blogger and local celebreties who patronize there products
just visit their site and you'll see ....
see how lovely there accesories are :)
you can see ome @http://www.facebook.com/mustloveExtremeFinds
easy steps to online shopping :)

happy shopping everyone



my random favorite things that i bought for this month :)
i cant get enough of how cute and yummy they are :)

1. piknik original , ruffles and lays
(will make my day ,our ultimate baon when husband-0h and i are on a road trip or when we are stuck in our room watching movie or teleserye's)

so matakaw....oh well baboy mode on............

2. floral canister from gaisano (its a cath kidston inspired, i use it to store toiletries like razor, dental floss, combs etc...

its only P35.00 pesos each ! see how beautiful they are

next picture are tiny weeny mix n match vanity finds :)

3.silicon nipple patch from bench (use when u are on ur swimsuit or cockatil dress&gown)

4.cath kidston wallet from hubby ! blue floral love

5.cath kidston black berry case ..providence rose design

6.false eye lashes from faceshop

7.mary kay moisturizer foundation

8.black telephone wire pony tail

9.lady bug calculator, 10.marajaha elephant necklaces from acceesorize, 11.green power plastic ring

and my favorite 12.ADDis ababa lip cream from NYX .....

all i want for christmas :) gah

Christmas is coming ....
and would someone give these stuffs ..please ....
in my materialistic side i'am not that extravagant
i dont go fro techie and extravagant pieces kind of things i just want cute ,quirky and
practical stuffs i can during my daily routine....

these are my top picks :0

1. sanuk (its comfy to use )

2. banana's and pajamas ( im a sucker for this)
a cute pair of pajamas from David and Goliath
lovely moo,owl and elephant are just on top of my favorite prints

3.satchel bag ( very popular nowadays its handy and trendy)
bags from accessorize

4. nokia x2-01 9\(when it comes to gadgets im a low key ;) i have a blackberry good enough to surf the net and thats it i dont download stuffs because im a lazy bee in terms of techie stuffs...) but this nokia is so lovely cute and affordable <3

5. cute accessories from accessorize
orange-peach are my new obsessions

6. baby graphoc tee's :)makes me feel young and juicy ;0
all from david and goliath :)

7. oakley shades :)

7.KOR water jug (perfect for everyday use at work,travel or gym )
korse pink limited edition and
koraura green 750ml

and the list goes on
for now this is what i have on my mind hehe

because im a goody-good wife i think husband-oh will be willing to give all ! heheh