accessories :)

vintage floral bangle, vintage necklace and chunky rings

im really not a fan of chunky rings ,necklace and all but reading several blogs encouraged me to accessorize a bit ;)

long last i have been eyeing for accessories nowadays and the 1st batch just arrived
i ordered it from a friend :)

and look these are the cute stuffs ;)

rings with damask background from f21 and h&m ;)

cute floral wallets from my mom perfect give away this Christmas

looking forward for another batch of accessories i ordered :)
if interested you can order at this site just pm tatum

affordable branded accessories

happy weekend

floral chunky and vanity
my 1st post for my happy week end edition
all about accessories /vintage and floral

pictures from church after hearing a mass at monastery of transfiguration :)

happy sunday everyone :)