happy sunday

:) been browsing the net all morning found this cute watch
been eying for this one how wish some one would give this to me
i just cant get enough how cute it is Michael kors chrono's

happy Sunday everyone


:) cath kidston

using this new case from cath kidston
and loving it for my blackberry phone
eye candy and everything happy ;)

and this new bag too

happy week end everyone :0


flats to love

my aunt belen and mom are addicted to flats
we love those who have gemstones or weird quirky design
its comfy to use and it completes your get up from
sunny picnic day to glamorous evening get together ;)

here are our top picks for the new year

1) black suede flats with silver embellish (aunt belen)

2. cream gemstone ballet flats (mama)

3. red gemstone embellish by vnc for me

top 3 advice in choosing :0

1) must fit on your budget
2) must be comfortable to wear :)
3) must be in neutral colors to use on different occasions (brown,nude,black,beige,cream,navy blue, red,grey)



ukay-ukay finds

some random afternoon with my co-nurses
we stroll through the streets of malaybalay
to find some good stuffs from ukay-ukay.

to my surprised i came across with shirts i truly love :)

floral-lace-psychedelic prints

1. floral corset for only 60 pesos

2.tank top from forever21 for only 70 pesos

3. lace-floral distress for only 100

distress style at back area :)

got all these items below 300 whoah what a way to start 2012
another good finds added to my wardrobe

getting ready for xmas

husband and i are busy finalizing our gifts for the whole family :)
christmas spirit is in the air :)

look my theme for the year is eye candy and a lil bit of martha stewart florals :0

here's a closer look :)bought this really affordable paper bags

florals ala cath kidston and eye candy :) lovely

me with my power ring :)

our Christmas tree at my mom's house:)

my husband :)busy with my phone

merry Christmas everyone :)