ukay-ukay finds

some random afternoon with my co-nurses
we stroll through the streets of malaybalay
to find some good stuffs from ukay-ukay.

to my surprised i came across with shirts i truly love :)

floral-lace-psychedelic prints

1. floral corset for only 60 pesos

2.tank top from forever21 for only 70 pesos

3. lace-floral distress for only 100

distress style at back area :)

got all these items below 300 whoah what a way to start 2012
another good finds added to my wardrobe


  1. Gotta love thrift stores <3 I also bought two skirts and two tops from Ukay a few days ago! :) Will be wearing them for my next two post. Come by again and check! :)

  2. OMG! love the items! where did you buy them?

  3. :) post it in ur blog i'd love to see them ;)

    i bought this in ukayukay stores just around malaybalay city